What is a 1-goal handicap How to play bo 1 left safely

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For longtime bettors, the concept of a 1-goal handicap is probably no longer too strange. However, this is absolutely not a concept that newbies entering the betting field can understand. So what is a 1 goal handicap? Is playing a 1-ball handicap safe? Let's find out with Bongda.so!


Concept of 1-goal handicap

Similar to other types of handicaps, 1-goal handicaps are often offered by bookmakers in cases where two teams compete with a difference in level. In particular, the team with the upper handicap (stronger team) will concede 1 goal to the lower handicap team (lower rated team) before the match starts.


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This handicap will usually be set when the two teams are much different. Therefore, a 1-goal handicap is often considered a high handicap.


What is a 1 goal handicap?

What is a 1 goal handicap?

How to calculate the result of a 1-goal handicap

Regarding the way to calculate the betting results, there is not much difference in the 1-goal handicap. Below is an example and how to calculate the result of a 1-goal handicap:


Match between Man Utd vs Brentford, in which MU handicaps 1 goal with the ratio 0.80 : -1/+1 : 0.73

At this point there will be 3 results as follows:

Man Utd wins with a difference of 2 goals or more: The player who bets on Man Utd wins the bet with a bonus amount equal to: Bet amount x 0.80. Players who bet on Brentford lose their entire bet.

Man Utd wins with a difference of 1 goal: The bet is considered a draw. Players receive a full refund of their bets.

Match result is draw or Brentford wins: Player bets Brentford wins with bonus amount equal to: Bet amount x 0.73. Players who bet on Man Utd lose their entire bet.

For example, a handicap of 1 goal

For example, a handicap of 1 goal

Experience in Playing Handicap 1 Handicap Effectively

To play 1-hand handicap effectively, you need to keep in mind a few things:


Analyze the performance of the two teams: Recent performance, confrontation history, starting lineup,… are important factors that need to be considered when evaluating the strength of the two teams.

Refer to the odds from many bookmakers: Comparing the odds from many bookmakers will help you find the bookie with the best odds for a 1-goal handicap.

Reasonable division of capital: To optimize profits when betting, you should divide your betting capital into many different types of bets. Don't just play one bet.

Should I play a 1-goal handicap?

In fact, a 1-goal handicap is a form of high handicap and contains many risks. Therefore, before deciding to play 1-handicap handicap, you should prepare full knowledge and skills.


In addition, the 1-goal handicap is also not as popular as other decimal handicaps. Therefore, betting will also require higher demands from players. You should consider carefully before participating!


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The 1-goal handicap is a popular type of bet in soccer betting. Understanding how it works and what to note when playing 1-hand handicap will help you increase your chances of winning. Hopefully through the above article, you will have the necessary knowledge about this type of bet to be more confident when playing.